QR Codes

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Recently there has been a lot of press about QR (Quick Response) codes. These 2D glyphs were developed in Japan and are capable of containing up to 4000 characters of information.

The information can be read by a dedicated QR Scanner or with free software that can be downloaded on the ever increasing number of smartphones. The code can contain contact information, calendar events, URL’s, geo locations or text messages.

In printing, the QR Code can be used to expand on the printed piece. For instance, a catalog might have a small description and a photo of a Flux Capacitor. Since this is probably your first Flux Capacitor, you might want to know what colors they comeFind the correct Flux Capacitor by scanning the QR Code. in, how much power each of the 3 different models uses and if it’s still compatible with your 1979 DeLorean. If a QR Code was included, all you would have to do is scan the code with your smartphone’s camera and you would be taken to a website containing videos that would answer all of your questions.

Although the U.S. has been slow to adopt the technology, the explosion of iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones will make QR Codes an increasingly important marketing tool for enhancing the customer experience.

Download QR Code reading software directly into your smartphone from:
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