Say Goodbye to Saturday Mail

As of August 5th, 2013, you can say goodbye to Saturday mail delivery. The US Postal Service made this announcement on February 6th. The USPS has previously stated that it requires congressional approval for this measure, but Congress has been hesitant to allow it. While the USPS doesn’t receive tax revenue, it is still a government agency so, technically, it should be held to the same set of rules.

Say Goodbye to Saturday MailApparently the USPS has decided to make this decision on its own. With that said, will Saturday mail delivery really stop? If so, how will this impact your business? If you are a B2B company, probably not much at all. Most companies, besides retail and food service don’t have weekend hours anyway, so no harm done.

If you are B2C, the impact may be substantial. For those that use direct mail for marketing purposes, there are many beliefs as to what is the best day to receive mail. I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe in Friday and Saturday delivery. This is based on the simple fact that people have more time to read mail on weekends. Monday through Thursday are cut short by a full work day and having to prep for work the following day. If you have kids in school, this only cuts your time shorter. I am much more dismissive of mail during the week because there always seems to be a time crunch.

There is also potential for one less day to negatively impact cash flow for companies. One less day to receive or send invoices could have a substantial effect if you are say… AT&T. Sure, the money will still get there, but tough times make consistent cash flow a necessity.

Should this new schedule kick in, at least it isn’t until August . So if the loss of a direct mail day does affect your business, take time now to prepare and restructure your marketing plan.

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