Social Media

Social Media is fast becoming a major factor in the marketing of companies large and small.  The unfortunate truth is that many companies do not yet fully understand how to tap into the potential of social media, or they simply do not have the time to manage it effectively.  Creating a compelling campaign to connect with your target market will bring in identifiable results within 6 weeks of implementation.  However, there are some caveats to using a Social Media Campaign.

  • social mediaYou must be willing to be authentic in developing relationships via Social Media.  We will show you how to be authentic by giving you a sense of what your customers are currently talking about.  Helping you create relevant content that is easy to produce and engaging for your audience.
  • You must be willing to be consistent.  We will show you how to manage your time and team to be an effective digital communicator by creating editorial calendars and project time-lines that can be delegated to your marketing team.
  • You must be willing to learn.  When you are authentic and consistent, your loyal followers will become open to share their thoughts about your products thus giving you the feedback you need to continue to provide quality service to those followers.

 Some of the Social Media tasks that Print Tech can help manage:

  • Update your page periodically with new material,
  • Measuring website activity to determine best course of action moving forward
  • Coordinate your website updates in conjunction with your current email and social marketing plan,
  • Positively affect your direct, referral and search traffic using Search Engine Optimization and post planning,
  • Develop a Content Management System for your articles,
  • Provide Google Analytics training to learn how to measure your traffic and tips to adjust your plan accordingly.
  • Determine best practices for your Customer Relationship Management System to ensure leads and relationships from digital marketing are properly pursued.
  • Follow key terms that are relevant to your business that potential customers continuously search for.
  • And much more!