Sustainable Printing

Sustainable Printing or Green Printing as it is sometimes referred to, is a process of production that uses environmentally friendly paper, substrates, inks and processes.

Sustainable Commercial Printing

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Print Tech was nominated as the greenest printer in New Jersey by NJBiz

Print Tech’s sustainable printing practices allow you to do small, medium or large commercial print runs with no impact to the environment.  Our presses use biodegradable, vegetable based inks.  As a natural alternative to petroleum based inks, vegetable based inks produce rich colors while adding the benefit of making paper much easier to recycle.  Vegetable based inks do not use solvents, so they also produce zero no VOCs.  Our recycled papers use varying percentages of recycled content to minimize the need for new trees to be harvested.  Another responsible choice would be any of our FSC Certified papers, which only allows responsibly forested sources.

earth_daySustainable Digital Printing

Our digital printing devices allow us to use the same recycled or FSC Certified papers as our commercial print processes.  We also utilize environmentally friendly toners for production.  Digital printing offers another benefit, less waste.  Your marketing message today may not be the same as tomorrow.  Digital printing allows for cost effective short runs, ensuring you don’t need to throw away outdated materials.  Less waste is not only good for the environment, but also good for your wallet!

Sustainable Signage

Sustainable signage is relatively new when compared to traditional sustainable printing, but follows similar principles.  Print Tech uses biodegradable substrates such as pressed bamboo, or recyclable substrates like Tyvek.  Our Eco Solvent inks have little or no odour and do not contain any harmful ingredients so they can be broken down in the environment.  Our stands and extrusions can be made of biodegradable materials like bamboo or recycled materials such as aluminum.  Any of these materials or substrates can be brought back to Print Tech for proper recycling or disposal methods.

Print Tech is FSC Certified

Print Tech is FSC Certified

Print Tech is a member of The Rainforest Alliance

Print Tech is a member of The Rainforest Alliance

Recycled Print

Print Tech uses recycled content