Commercial Printing Advantage

Bindery and Finishing

Bindery and Finishing

First Impressions Through Bindery and Finishing

The saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is so true when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your projects.  Print Tech’s state-of-the-art bindery and finishing equipment is facilitated by the best technicians in the industry. They are specially trained to make sure your projects “pop” by paying attention to detail on all of your projects, big or small.


Once your project has been printed, the quality control and attention to detail doesn’t stop there.  Print Tech stays one step ahead of the competition by ensuring that your printed documents are cut and trimmed to exact specifications and that the edges are crisp, clean and uniform from the first copy to the last.


When it comes to folding your brochures or flyers, nothing looks worse than seams or pages that just don’t line up.  Print Tech’s high-speed finishing folders are the perfect solution to make sure your documents look clean and professional.  If a machine fold isn’t an option, our dedicated staff will gladly hand-fold any document into whatever format you choose.


Making sure your printed materials last is always a priority when it comes to staying within your budget.  Let’s face it, the greatest graphic design printed on the highest quality stock has a limited effect if it doesn’t last.  Through our laminating service, we can protect your projects to give them greater durability and a longer shelf life.


Making a lasting impression when a prospect comes to your place of business is what we all strive for.  By utilizing a variety of thicknesses, colors and high-quality mounting materials, Print Tech will give your signage a professional appearance that will impress even the toughest critic.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Print Tech’s Graphic Design Advantage!

Print Tech prides itself on having one of the best graphic design teams in the business.  Creating the right look and feel for your brochures, catalogs, posters, stationery, postcards and more, is an important and challenging first step in any marketing campaign.  Our talented designers are here to help you every step of the way.

Our Design Team

Print Tech has been designing for a wide variety of print applications (magazines, brochures, periodicals, signage, posters, displays, and more) for over 35 years. Our experienced graphic artists will work closely with you on the concept and design for your organization.  Need a new logo created or your current logo updated? They can do that too. Even if you already have a concept in place and are just looking to integrate it into a finished product, our design team is here to assist you with whatever you need to ensure your project gets completed professionally, on time and within your budget.

 Large Format Design

Large format design can be intimidating, but it’s a breeze with the help of the Print Tech and Sign Tech design teams. They work hand-in-hand to create the best quality product that fits your business.  Does your current signage grab attention? Does it reflect your company brand and the high quality of your business? Does it leave a lasting impression? Our designers will collaborate with you to create signage that does all of that. From weatherproof signs to foam core-mounted posters, the possibilities are endless!

Contact your Print Tech representative today to find out how we can help supercharge your graphic design ideas to create marketing material and signage that are sure to always get you noticed.

The Commercial Printing Advantage

Your Quality under our Control

Anybody can put together a marketing campaign. But a successful marketing campaign? Well, that’s another story. For that you need all the ingredients that come with the Commercial Printing Advantage. They include things like well-thought-out ideas, creative designs, personalized printing, e-mail blasts, social media, branding, up-to-date mailing lists, postal discounts, and more. It sounds daunting, but the goods news is that Print Tech will not let you go it alone. We will help you from concept to completion and we’ll save you valuable time and money while doing it too!

Complementing Your Marketing Campaign

When thinking about a marketing campaign, many people limit themselves to just flyers, posters and brochures.  However, items such as business cards, envelopes, folders, letterhead, calendars, notepads and even planners also fall under the marketing campaign category, now more than ever.  These items, when used properly, help to build company loyalty and brand recognition.

  The Print Tech Advantage

With the use of the latest equipment and technology, Print Tech has become New Jersey’s largest commercial printer and direct mail facility.  By keeping our finger on the pulse of today’s ever changing media landscape, we are able to help our clients gain and maintain a leg-up on their competition.  Call Print Tech now to see how you, too, can get the Commercial Printing Advantage without the commercial printing price!