Intelligent Mail barcode – What it means for your business.

Intelligent Mail Barcode

What is the Intelligent Mail barcode?

The Intelligent Mail barcode, or IMb for short, is the new standard of mail tracking from the US Postal Service.  While this has been around for quite a few years, it will become mandatory for presorting your mail on January 28th, 2013.  This comes one day after the postage rate increase on January 27th.  The IMb will allow for more accurate tracking of your mail, as it includes much more detailed information than the current standard.

How will the Intelligent Mail barcode affect my business?

Intelligent Mail barcodeThat really depends on how you use mail currently.  If you do very little mailing and are paying full rate postage, it will not affect you at all.  If you are a company that does volume mailings, (for billing, marketing, etc.) then it will drastically affect the way you mail.  Remember that the IMb only applies to presorted mail, therefore it will only affect those that try to receive volume automated discounts.  For those that fall into this category, you will require sorting software updates, a new addressing machine, or a direct mail house to help you process your volume mailings.

What is the benefit of the Intelligent Mail barcode?

There are quite a few benefits to using the IMb.  These will differ depending on your industry and where you reside within your organization.  For sales and marketing professionals, the ability to track your mail will afford you the knowledge of when your prospect will receive it.  Instead of your package winding up at the “bottom of the pile”, you can now follow up as soon as it hits their desks.  For people in accounting and legal, the IMb provides a cost effective alternative to certified mail.  Now you can get delivery confirmation for mere pennies.  For anyone who ships or mails, just having the ability to track mail similar to carrier services such as UPS can be extremely beneficial.  Companies that adopt this method will be able to reduce their overall shipping costs.

  While we all may not be comfortable with change, it is hard to ignore how positive some change can be.  Adopting this new standard will not only benefit the US Postal Service, but also your organization.  This type of win-win scenario will help keep mail relevant for years to come.

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