Paper Isn’t Just Good For The Environment – It’s Good For Business.

I recently came across an outstanding article in Quick Printing Magazine that talked about some of the pros of paper.  Many have been conditioned over the years to think paper = bad, but as it turns out, that’s just not the case.  Since I work for a company with FSC Certification, I was aware of some facts, but a few were a surprise even to me.  The truth is that paper can be good for the environment, as well as for business.

Why Paper is Good for the Environment

  • Paper retains carbon dioxide as if it were still a tree.
  • The paper industry, under FSC and similar guidelines, plants 2 trees for every one harvested.
  • No forest with an established ecosystem is ever harvested for paper.
  • Only 1/3 of paper is actually directly made from trees.  The rest is a mix of sawmill waste and recycling.

Not bad facts.  Aside from this, you have the added benefit of paper being a sustainable and renewable resource. The jobs that are sustained by the paper industry each year are yet another benefit.  So next time you see an email footer encouraging you not to print an email, feel free to do it anyway.  Just be sure to recycle it!

Why Paper is Good for Business

From a marketing standpoint, ink on paper is still the most preferred method of communication.  Now you may chalk that up to age groups, but that’s simply not the case.  Direct mail communication is preferred in almost every communication category by every age group.  This is attributed to a lot of factors, but the main one is the overabundance of digital communication.  People are inundated with emails, tweets and pop-up advertising and have turned a blind eye to much of it.  Here are a few facts on why paper is good for business:

  • 95% of Baby Boomers immediately look through their mail.
  • 87% of Gen X/Y do the same.
  • 56% of Baby Boomers shop from catalogues.
  • 73% of Gen X/Y use coupons received in the mail.
  • Mail is considered more personal by all age groups.

When you put all of this together, it’s easy to see the benefits of paper.  The next time you think about going digital, be it an email, a tweet, or a pop-up, give paper a second look.  You may find yourself doing something good for the environment and your wallet.

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