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Bindery and Finishing

Bindery and Finishing

First Impressions Through Bindery and Finishing

The saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” is so true when it comes to putting the finishing touches on your projects.  Print Tech’s state-of-the-art bindery and finishing equipment is facilitated by the best technicians in the industry. They are specially trained to make sure your projects “pop” by paying attention to detail on all of your projects, big or small.


Once your project has been printed, the quality control and attention to detail doesn’t stop there.  Print Tech stays one step ahead of the competition by ensuring that your printed documents are cut and trimmed to exact specifications and that the edges are crisp, clean and uniform from the first copy to the last.


When it comes to folding your brochures or flyers, nothing looks worse than seams or pages that just don’t line up.  Print Tech’s high-speed finishing folders are the perfect solution to make sure your documents look clean and professional.  If a machine fold isn’t an option, our dedicated staff will gladly hand-fold any document into whatever format you choose.


Making sure your printed materials last is always a priority when it comes to staying within your budget.  Let’s face it, the greatest graphic design printed on the highest quality stock has a limited effect if it doesn’t last.  Through our laminating service, we can protect your projects to give them greater durability and a longer shelf life.


Making a lasting impression when a prospect comes to your place of business is what we all strive for.  By utilizing a variety of thicknesses, colors and high-quality mounting materials, Print Tech will give your signage a professional appearance that will impress even the toughest critic.  Remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Print Tech’s Graphic Design Advantage!

Print Tech prides itself on having one of the best graphic design teams in the business.  Creating the right look and feel for your brochures, catalogs, posters, stationery, postcards and more, is an important and challenging first step in any marketing campaign.  Our talented designers are here to help you every step of the way.

Our Design Team

Print Tech has been designing for a wide variety of print applications (magazines, brochures, periodicals, signage, posters, displays, and more) for over 35 years. Our experienced graphic artists will work closely with you on the concept and design for your organization.  Need a new logo created or your current logo updated? They can do that too. Even if you already have a concept in place and are just looking to integrate it into a finished product, our design team is here to assist you with whatever you need to ensure your project gets completed professionally, on time and within your budget.

 Large Format Design

Large format design can be intimidating, but it’s a breeze with the help of the Print Tech and Sign Tech design teams. They work hand-in-hand to create the best quality product that fits your business.  Does your current signage grab attention? Does it reflect your company brand and the high quality of your business? Does it leave a lasting impression? Our designers will collaborate with you to create signage that does all of that. From weatherproof signs to foam core-mounted posters, the possibilities are endless!

Contact your Print Tech representative today to find out how we can help supercharge your graphic design ideas to create marketing material and signage that are sure to always get you noticed.

The Commercial Printing Advantage

Your Quality under our Control

Anybody can put together a marketing campaign. But a successful marketing campaign? Well, that’s another story. For that you need all the ingredients that come with the Commercial Printing Advantage. They include things like well-thought-out ideas, creative designs, personalized printing, e-mail blasts, social media, branding, up-to-date mailing lists, postal discounts, and more. It sounds daunting, but the goods news is that Print Tech will not let you go it alone. We will help you from concept to completion and we’ll save you valuable time and money while doing it too!

Complementing Your Marketing Campaign

When thinking about a marketing campaign, many people limit themselves to just flyers, posters and brochures.  However, items such as business cards, envelopes, folders, letterhead, calendars, notepads and even planners also fall under the marketing campaign category, now more than ever.  These items, when used properly, help to build company loyalty and brand recognition.

  The Print Tech Advantage

With the use of the latest equipment and technology, Print Tech has become New Jersey’s largest commercial printer and direct mail facility.  By keeping our finger on the pulse of today’s ever changing media landscape, we are able to help our clients gain and maintain a leg-up on their competition.  Call Print Tech now to see how you, too, can get the Commercial Printing Advantage without the commercial printing price!

Your Quality Under Our Control

Your Quality under our Control

Your Quality Under Our Control Makes a Difference

Practicing and maintaining exceptional quality control can make the difference between customer satisfaction and the loss of customer loyalty.  The economy has been tough for every business regardless of size, causing profit margins to shrink.  Your printing and advertising expense shouldn’t go over budget due to the lack of detail or quality control.

There are many commercial printers that can take a project from concept to completion.  However, high quality and great service are the two main ingredients that have enabled only the best of the best to survive these challenging times.  Print Tech maintains strict quality control from concept to design, printing, finishing, and delivery.  In fact, meticulous quality control has been part of Print Tech’s philosophy for over three decades, ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction every day on every project.

Quality Control Procedures

At Print Tech, quality control starts when you first contact us. It begins with our experienced sales representatives taking the time to fully understand every aspect of your job. It continues with our knowledgeable customer service representatives “crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’” on the work order to make sure your job is done right the first time. At the next stop, our talented graphic artists will either design creative artwork for you or review your files for any potential problems. Only after you have seen a proof and approved it will your project be sent to print. But before a single sheet of paper is even printed, our print experts will do a series of test prints to ensure the correct color and clarity.  And then, as your job is printing on our state-of-the-art digital presses, they will continue to check and make certain that the end result will be the high quality you expect.

Bindery and Finishing 

After printing, your project is sent off to the bindery and finishing department where all the material is looked over again as the job is finished to your exact specifications.  Whether it’s brochures that need folding or catalogs that need binding, Print Tech’s quality control procedures shine here once again as the final inspection of job quality takes place.


When it’s time for your project to be shipped, delivered or picked up, you can be assured that the quality control doesn’t stop here.  Each job is accurately sorted, carefully packaged and clearly labeled according to your guidelines.

Print Tech continues to be New Jersey’s premier printer because we make quality control a priority.  Contact us for your next project and see for yourself how the quality under our control is second to none!

The Print Tech Difference


The Print Tech Difference

Customer Service

Print Tech understands the importance of dealing with one point of contact.  After all, how frustrating is it when a call is placed with the intention of a two second conversation only to spend countless minutes trying to get past the call prompts?  The representatives at Print Tech are trained to connect “you,” the customer, to your goals from concept to completion.  There is no such thing as passing the buck when it comes to customer service.  Our main mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing fast and accurate solutions for their projects and completing them with high quality results.

 Fast and Efficient Turnaround Times

There is nothing more stressful than wondering if the printed materials ordered will be delivered on time.  Print Tech keeps a tight watch on every aspect of production regardless of the scope of the job.  With most orders, we allow for a five-day turnaround time frame.  However, Print Tech recognizes the fact that some projects need to be on a 24-hour or same day delivery schedule without room for error.  Customer deadlines and quality control are the two main areas where Print Tech excels. Our facility is equipped to handle your urgent orders and can offer same day, next day, or any other delivery schedule that suits your needs.  Our professionals are trained to work with you every step of the way to develop a production time frame that meets all of your expectations.

 Local Pick-Up & Delivery

Print Tech is proud to offer pick-up and delivery service to our local customers.  We’ll do the driving and heavy lifting so you can stay focused on your business.

 Graphic Design

Our graphic design team is at your disposal to help bring your ideas to reality.  Don’t spend hours laboring over a concept or design.  Our design team is more than happy to assist you no matter what the issue is.  You can supply us with your own artwork or have our artists create your next masterpiece for you. Either way, Print Tech will ensure that the end result is professional, eye-catching, and leaves a lasting impression each and every time.

Why Signage is so Important


What makes Signage so Important?

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many signs you see in a day?  In fact, signs are so commonplace that their importance is often taken for granted.  In today’s technology-driven world, it’s easy to lose sight of their obvious major contribution to the success of your business.  Print Tech is a firm believer in the old saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”   When it comes to the success of your business, this saying could not be any truer when it comes to the impression you make on your customers.


What Makes an Effective Sign?


An effective sign is one that makes a lasting impression.  A sign’s main purpose is to attract new customers.  After all, your existing customers already know how awesome you are.  One major, yet often overlooked, fact is that people actually learn more about your business through your sign than through word of mouth, newspapers, Yellow Pages, or even radio advertisements.  The investment spent on signage is the most effective use of your advertising dollars. At a glance, your sign should clearly display what your company is about, thereby creating the right impression for your potential customers.  The design should be simple but stand out through the use of colors and cleverly created graphics.


 You Are Not Alone!

Both Print Tech and Sign Tech have proven to be second-to-none, for over 30 years, at taking projects from concept to completion.  Print Tech’s graphic arts department continues to outperform the competition by listening and understanding the customers’ wants and needs.  Sign Tech’s state-of-the-art technology then takes the project to completion with full-color printing on a variety of materials and in whatever size the customer requires.  So, the next time you hear the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” you’ll know why signage is so important.

Web to Print

Web to Print

Web to Print will have you in total control!

Web to print is the best way to increase your bottom line while lowering administration costs.  It will provide your company with a cost effective and user-friendly prepress procedure to automate all of your printing needs.

You’ll appreciate the reduced time and labor cost associated with getting printing projects from prepress to digital or offset printers.   Each sales rep can order directly for his or her own needs saving time and money, which drops directly to your bottom-line.

You’re in Control

Web to print puts you in control of your orders by allowing you print on demand for any business or personal needs.   It gives you a fast and efficient print platform allowing print on demand for such items as: business cards, brochures flyers and more.  Once your web to print portal is set-up, you’ll no longer need to pay a visit to the print shop in order to place an order.  Both you and your staff will have total control over ordering and budget through web to print online ordering.

 Last Minute Changes

One of the best advantages when it comes to web to print is how fast and easy it becomes working with the print shop on your print projects from start to completion.  Managing any last minute changes is a snap before the project goes to press.   The other major advantage is the ease in which graphic designers are able to make last minute prepress changes to the project without missing costly deadlines.

There is no better platform than a customized web to print application designed with your business in mind.   Web to print integrates the technology allowing you and the print shop to come together as one thereby saving time and money.  Contact Print Tech today to see how cost effective a web to print solution can be set up four your ever-growing business.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Integrated Marketing

What is Integrated Marketing and why is it Important?

Integrated marketing is the latest approach when it comes to communicating with your perspective audience. It bridges the gap where traditional marketing meets today’s demanding online social media, while keeping your message consistent between both campaigns.

The key to this consistency is to be sure that your prospects understand your marketing message, which in turn will lead to a greater result when evaluating your return on investment (ROI). Integrated marketing effectively helps you put the correct amount of advertising dollars towards the most effective approach while targeting an online or offline campaign. In the past these two approaches have always been looked at as two different segments whereas today, the two have now merged into one integrated approach.

Print Tech has been bringing the opportunity to merge their clients’ integrated marketing campaigns together, thereby enabling them to stay ahead of the competition. Through a series of carefully thought out marketing campaigns, Print Tech has shown just how effective and inexpensive a well-designed integrated marketing campaign can be to any business, regardless of size or budget.

In today’s ever changing technology-driven world, keeping one step ahead of the competition is no longer as simple as a mail campaign. Don’t get buried by your competition. Contact your Print Tech sales representative today to find out just how simply and painlessly an integrated marketing campaign can be implemented for your business.












We’ve upgraded our Website!


We’re excited to announce the latest upgrade to our site!  It’s been a long time coming and we’ve just completed the final testing of the new upgrade.

The entire team at Print Tech has always believed in the saying “The Customer Comes First” as being the cornerstone in keeping our clientele ahead of the competition. We’ve upgraded the look and functionality to help make your experience while visiting with us more enjoyable and user friendly.  Our new layout and design will make it easier for our customers to interact directly with our staff by keeping them up to date with the latest news and updates.  Of course, some of the buttons that you’ve come so accustomed too, such as the “Send a File” and “My Account” buttons still function exactly the same.

Every one of our employees has worked very hard at making this all possible and is currently working on a few more updates that they are all excited to share.

We’d love to hear feedback from all of you, so please spend a few moments just looking through the site and let us know what you think.


Say Goodbye to Saturday Mail

As of August 5th, 2013, you can say goodbye to Saturday mail delivery. The US Postal Service made this announcement on February 6th. The USPS has previously stated that it requires congressional approval for this measure, but Congress has been hesitant to allow it. While the USPS doesn’t receive tax revenue, it is still a government agency so, technically, it should be held to the same set of rules.

Say Goodbye to Saturday MailApparently the USPS has decided to make this decision on its own. With that said, will Saturday mail delivery really stop? If so, how will this impact your business? If you are a B2B company, probably not much at all. Most companies, besides retail and food service don’t have weekend hours anyway, so no harm done.

If you are B2C, the impact may be substantial. For those that use direct mail for marketing purposes, there are many beliefs as to what is the best day to receive mail. I can’t speak for everyone, but I believe in Friday and Saturday delivery. This is based on the simple fact that people have more time to read mail on weekends. Monday through Thursday are cut short by a full work day and having to prep for work the following day. If you have kids in school, this only cuts your time shorter. I am much more dismissive of mail during the week because there always seems to be a time crunch.

There is also potential for one less day to negatively impact cash flow for companies. One less day to receive or send invoices could have a substantial effect if you are say… AT&T. Sure, the money will still get there, but tough times make consistent cash flow a necessity.

Should this new schedule kick in, at least it isn’t until August . So if the loss of a direct mail day does affect your business, take time now to prepare and restructure your marketing plan.

As an integrated marketing company, Print Tech has been providing direct mail services for over 30 years. If your direct mail is in need of a boost, give us a call and see how we can make your marketing sizzle!
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