Your Quality Under Our Control

Your Quality under our Control

Your Quality Under Our Control Makes a Difference

Practicing and maintaining exceptional quality control can make the difference between customer satisfaction and the loss of customer loyalty.  The economy has been tough for every business regardless of size, causing profit margins to shrink.  Your printing and advertising expense shouldn’t go over budget due to the lack of detail or quality control.

There are many commercial printers that can take a project from concept to completion.  However, high quality and great service are the two main ingredients that have enabled only the best of the best to survive these challenging times.  Print Tech maintains strict quality control from concept to design, printing, finishing, and delivery.  In fact, meticulous quality control has been part of Print Tech’s philosophy for over three decades, ensuring customer loyalty and satisfaction every day on every project.

Quality Control Procedures

At Print Tech, quality control starts when you first contact us. It begins with our experienced sales representatives taking the time to fully understand every aspect of your job. It continues with our knowledgeable customer service representatives “crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’” on the work order to make sure your job is done right the first time. At the next stop, our talented graphic artists will either design creative artwork for you or review your files for any potential problems. Only after you have seen a proof and approved it will your project be sent to print. But before a single sheet of paper is even printed, our print experts will do a series of test prints to ensure the correct color and clarity.  And then, as your job is printing on our state-of-the-art digital presses, they will continue to check and make certain that the end result will be the high quality you expect.

Bindery and Finishing 

After printing, your project is sent off to the bindery and finishing department where all the material is looked over again as the job is finished to your exact specifications.  Whether it’s brochures that need folding or catalogs that need binding, Print Tech’s quality control procedures shine here once again as the final inspection of job quality takes place.


When it’s time for your project to be shipped, delivered or picked up, you can be assured that the quality control doesn’t stop here.  Each job is accurately sorted, carefully packaged and clearly labeled according to your guidelines.

Print Tech continues to be New Jersey’s premier printer because we make quality control a priority.  Contact us for your next project and see for yourself how the quality under our control is second to none!